Canyon County Community Clinic

...where health and wellness meet

Canyon Clinic opened March 31st, 2010 to help serve the health care needs of the residents of Canyon County lacking health insurance.  The Clinic endeavors to nurture the longstanding traditions of volunteerism and community service among health care professionals, and strives to foster a collaborative team-oriented approach to addressing the needs of the under served and uninsured.

Volunteers are critical to the Canyon Clinic.  We have volunteer opportunities for everyone, including medical and counseling professionals, students, and retired and working people.  While we acknowledge that the dream of opening the clinic was ignited by our desire to share the love of Jesus Christ with others, and we are unabashed about our Christian faith, we do not require any volunteers or patients to adhere to the same faith we do.  We only ask that volunteers be able to serve in a manner that is consistent with the love of Jesus Christ as that is the foundation of which our services are freely given to our patients.