Canyon County Community Clinic

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Clinic Expectations

Canyon Clinic has limited resources and cannot provide care to all those in need.  The clinic will, therefore, give priority to those patients who demonstrate their willingness and determination to forge a real partnership, working together to improve their health status.

If any of the below expectations are violated, Canyon Clinic reserves the right to terminate services immediately, either temporarily or permanently.  In such cases, a copy of the patient's records will be made available, at the patient's request, to the health care provider of his/her choice.

  • We will not treat abusive or abrasive patients;
  • We will not treat patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • We expect patients to come to the clinic clean and appropriately dressed;
  • We expect patients to be compliant with their medical treatment as prescribed;
  • We expect patients to be honest about their medical, financial and insurance status.