Canyon County Community Clinic

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Our medical services are available by appointment and include:

  •  Acute non-emergent illnesses;
  • Limited chronic care;
  • Limited medications as available;
  • Referrals for x-rays, laboratory tests;
  • Referrals to specialists

Canyon Clinic Wellness

Offering a variety of peer-based recovery support services such as tobacco cessation, substance/alcohol abuse, lifestyle education, etc. Visit the website at

Mental Health and Social Services

Counseling appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  You may schedule a time to meet with one of our counselors even if you are not a Canyon Clinic patient, however, you must still meet the eligibility guidelines of the clinic.

We do not provide:

  • Disability Evaluations;
  • Outside prescription refills;
  • Casting or cast removal;
  • Narcotics, controlled drugs and weight loss drugs;
  • Hospital care;
    • Major/minor surgeries;
    • Prenatal care;
    • Second opinions;
    • Drug or STD testing;